In today’s hyper connected world, there is an abundance of information about pretty much anything and everything. If you’re looking for group runs, do a search online and you’ll get a ton of websites and Facebook pages. All have two things in common. They are all managed by great people connected by the love for running, and all are disconnected from each other. You’ll find yourself spending a lot of time reading endless text and useless Facebook posts to find a group to run with.

So when we designed Runopia, we made sure to make your search simple. With a simple tap of the “Find a Run” button, all the organized runs around you show up on one screen. Just like that, we completely eliminated the endless search and reading through boring Facebook posts. You can simply zoom in and out on the map to see more runs, or type in the name of the location you’d like to search. You can even change the preferences to narrow down the types of runs to those you’re interested in the most.

The power of having all the organized runs on one screen will connect runners in ways never before possible. List your run on the Runopia app and be part of journey to connect the running community.