Couple Run Together, Succeed Together to Lose 180lbs

Couple Run Together, Succeed Together and Lose 180lbs Struggling to keep your weight under control or stick to your fitness routine? Maybe you should not be struggling alone. Last week Runopia’s Lauren Cyde caught up with Paul and Kelsey Dailey, two inspiring runners that overcame their doubts and found success running together to lose 180 lbs.  The Butte, Montana residents shared with us their story in hopes of motivating others to overcome their struggles and achieve their fitness goals. What motivated you to start running? We started running to motivate ourselves as we transitioned to a healthier lifestyle.  As we lost weight and became capable of longer runs, we began to explore trails and paths throughout Montana.  As you could guess, there were quite a few to expore!  We feel as if we could spend our entire lives exploring new paths and trails throughout the Treasure State!. Why did you…Keep Reading

Remove the Excuse

This past Wednesday evening I ran with a group of runners that come together every week at the Montclair Bread Company in Montclair, New Jersey. During the run I had a great conversation with Mary, who was also pushing her 2 year old daughter Olivia on a stroller. I joined the group to meet and thank Rachel Crampsey, Montclair Bread Company owner, for using the Runopia app to organize her group runs. I got to the run after the group of over 100 people already had left. I spent the first 1.5 miles just catching up with the first pack. At mile 1.5 I ran by Mary, who was going on a very nice clip. I decided to run with her and learn about her along the way. As she run with Olivia’s stroller in hand, we started talking about how she learned about the group run. She had just…Keep Reading


The other weekend I was not feeling like running. It was one of those weekends where staying in, grabbing a warm hot chocolate and watching a good movie was more appealing than getting out for a run on a cold winter weekend. But now, with Runopia, I’m only a notification away from being motivated to get off my butt and go run. Around midday I get a push notification on Runopia from one of my colleagues. He had just scheduled a run on the app and invited me to go run with him. As soon as I saw the notification, all my excuses disappeared and replaced by energy to go out and run. I accepted the invite and by the afternoon, I was on the road running alongside a friend and enjoying the beauty of the winter. Sometimes it only takes one simple trigger to get us out of funk…Keep Reading