By Francesca Ricotta – 

Whether it be a long distance run in the middle of the woods or a calm jog through the neighborhood, unless you pack some tissues you’re pretty much out of luck.  The best way to go is always bring your own, but on my last run I had completely forgotten my usual trick.  In the morning, my routine is to wake up, text Sarah, my best friend since high school who lives a block away to wake her up, and meet her outside for our three mile run.  Before I leave the house I always – no sorry, correction – ALWAYS bring a few tissues neatly folded and

Don’t miss the roll

tucked into my sports bra for when I get the sniffles (which usually happens).  Yesterday morning I went through my morning routine as usual, except I forgot the tissues. Big mistake.  Sarah and I started our run which is a path in our local park.  It was absolutely freezing outside.  New Jersey mornings in December do not tend to be forgiving.  About halfway through the run, I experienced a horrifyingly massive bloody nose.  Sarah and I didn’t even know what to do.  I tried using my jacket sleeve, but that didn’t work.  We left the park and headed back home, but before we made it back I ran into someone.  The guy I’ve been crushing on for months.  MONTHS.  Finally my opportunity to look all fit and cute came, but instead my face was covered in blood and I looked like a psychopath.  This cautionary tale goes out to all my runner friends.  Please PLEASE pack some tissues because you never know when you might have boogies or a bloody nose OR when your crush is going to pop out of nowhere.

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