This past Wednesday evening I ran with a group of runners that come together every week at the Montclair Bread Company in Montclair, New Jersey. During the run I had a great conversation with Mary, who was also pushing her 2 year old daughter Olivia on a stroller.

IMG_6718 (1)

Mary and her 2-year old daughter Olivia…2036 Olympic hopeful 🙂

I joined the group to meet and thank Rachel Crampsey, Montclair Bread Company owner, for using the Runopia app to organize her group runs. I got to the run after the group of over 100 people already had left. I spent the first 1.5 miles just catching up with the first pack. At mile 1.5 I ran by Mary, who was going on a very nice clip. I decided to run with her and learn about her along the way. As she run with Olivia’s stroller in hand, we started talking about how she learned about the group run. She had just moved to Montclair less a year ago and ran along for a while. It was only by luck that someone told her about the group run that Montclair Bread Company organizes. I told her how I found out about the run, which was through our app, Runopia. She was excited to hear about the app and the idea of making group runs visible to everyone.

Mary and I talked about the struggle to find people to run with, even though there are lots of people that we come across during our runs, it’s hard to just randomly stop and ask someone if they want to run together. We also talked about the importance of having a group to meet with and how that can motivate you to stay active and overcome all the excuses that tend to stop us from going out the door and running. Mary says, “If this run was not 3 blocks away from me, I would have found it easier to just stay home and take care of Olivia”.

Mary’s statement sums up the purpose of Runopia. It highlights the need for every neighborhood to have such organized group runs. The power of people coming together to be active in their community, to get to know each other, and to stay fit in a safe and fun environment is foundational to keeping us motivated. Listening to Mary describe her struggler to find people to run with and the need to have more visibility to group runs makes us that much more excited about the potential positive impact Runopia will have on communities across the world. At the conclusion of the run, we had a chance to chat with Mary and take this picture of Olivia, future 2036 Olympian 

We invite you to check out the Runopia app today and start forming your own neighborhood group runs. The Runopia app is full of features to simplify organizing and managing your runs while at the same time giving you the necessary safety features to allow you to have control over who joins your runs.

We are also excited to announce the release of another great feature that allows organizations to turn every run into a fundraising run. Contact us to learn more about how to leverage this exclusive feature.

Happy Running!