I walked into the running store in Morristown, New Jersey one day to purchase my next pair of shoes. On my way out, I noticed a sign on the door that says “Group run every Wednesday at 6:15”. I thought to myself, “that’s really cool. I’m going to come and run with the group”. The following Wednesday, I went to the group run and had a great time meeting and running with new people. It felt great to run with a group again after years of solo running. I had to push myself for the first time to stay with people. After the run, I was completely exhausted and I loved it. I felt like a runner again.

On the drive home, I thought to myself, “why didn’t I know about the group run. Why is that information on a piece of paper on a wall. Why is it so hard to know about the group runs?”. I went home and stayed up all night researching the internet to see if there is an easy way to find out about group runs. I found out that there are lots of sources to find group runs. The information was all over the internet, on website, Facebook pages and even craigslist posts. At that moment, I decided I’m going to do something about this problem and build a simple platform to connect the running community in one place.

The next morning, I started the journey to bring runners together. A year of hard work and lots of support from many great friends and colleagues, we now have Runopia, a platform dedicated to connecting runners everywhere. Recreational runners, professional runners, coaches, runs, teams, and races…all in one place. All in Runopia.