Couple Run Together, Succeed Together and Lose 180lbs

Struggling to keep your weight under control or stick to your fitness routine?

Maybe you should not be struggling alone.

Last week Runopia’s Lauren Cyde caught up with Paul and Kelsey Dailey, two inspiring runners that overcame their doubts and found success running together to lose 180 lbs.  The Butte, Montana residents shared with us their story in hopes of motivating others to overcome their struggles and achieve their fitness goals.

  1. What motivated you to start running?
    We started running to motivate ourselves as we transitioned to a healthier lifestyle.  As we lost weight and became capable of longer runs, we began to explore trails and paths throughout Montana.  As you could guess, there were quite a few to expore!  We feel as if we could spend our entire lives exploring new paths and trails throughout the Treasure State!
  2. Why did you do it then? Why not earlier or later?
    We never thought ourselves capable of long distance running or racing. Our primary form of exercise before we began running was swimming, as we both swam in high school and Paul had an extensive water polo background. After moving from California to Montana, we felt that a new sport could be a fun change of pace, and running is one of the easiest sports to pick up!
  3. What have you been able to achieve through running?
    With a healthier lifestyle and regular running, we have lost 180 pounds as a couple. Needless to say, our overall health has drastically improved and our outlook on life is much more positive. We love that running gives us a designated time in the day to catch up and talk. Life can be busy, especially since I am in nursing school and Paul is just starting his teaching career (he teaches fifth grade). Running gets us away from it all, and allows us to spend time with just each other and the outdoors. And in Montana, the outdoors is as good as it can get.
  4. What are the key success factors that have allowed you to achieve these outcomes?
    Trust the process! There are a lot of people who want to start running to lose weight, and think that they need to get the latest shoes or fancy outfits to begin. That’s not true! There were two principles we stuck to during this journey: 1) You can’t outrun a bad diet. Just because you went for a three mile run doesn’t mean you can turn around and eat a dozen donuts, and expect to see results. 2) Listen to your body. People get hurt when they try to do too much at once. We accepted when our bodies told us not to run, and we pushed ourselves when we felt that we could safely attempt to go further than before.
  5. How did having each other help you get going and keep going?
    Having each other is the reason we were so successful. When we started running, the fact that we got free time together and had each other as company was often the main reason we left the house. Eventually, running became as routine as brushing our teeth. We each had moments of weakness…whether it was feeling lazy and not wanting to run, or wanting to eat out instead of cooking our own meals. We picked each other up. Teamwork is so important, which is why we are so passionate about the support that Runopia can offer. We know we can help others do the same thing and change their lives.
  6. What do you think is the hardest part of this journey? How did you overcome that?
    The hardest part is learning when to rest and adapting a healthy lifestyle with others. Learning to rest can be hard because of how badly you want to run, but you have to remember that weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a long term process and you will benefit from taking rest days when you need to rest. Adapting a healthy lifestyle around others is difficult because a great deal of celebrations, reunions, etc. are centered around food. And generally, the food is not the healthiest option. To overcome this, you have to recognize that one meal is not going to ruin you, unless you allow it to. It is perfectly fine to enjoy a night out with friends or family, because in the long run, one meal doesn’t matter. If you try to completely cut out any unhealthy food ever, you will go crazy and completely give up!
  7. What are your next set of goals and how are you preparing to achieve them?
    Now that we have run our first half marathon, we have a few others on our schedule before our next big goal of running the San Francisco Marathon. The best part about the San Francisco Marathon is that we will be running it one week after our wedding to kick off our honeymoon! We are integrating other exercise to cross train for the marathon, especially as we head into winter, which is no joke in Butte, Montana. Though running outdoors will be more difficult, we have indoor running available as well as gyms and indoor pools. We have a friend who is a weightlifting coach who has provided us with detailed weightlifting plans to improve our flexibility and core to ensure that we avoid injury as we train for the marathon.
  8. What advice would you give to others that might have the same struggles?
    Don’t expect to lose it all right away. Trust the process and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re able to look at the process as a lifestyle change instead of a diet, you will be far more successful. And feel free to message us at @butteroadrunners if you need advice! That’s why we made this page. We want to help others turn their lives around.