Our Short History


Why does it have to be so hard to find others to run with? Why waste time searching the internet for local group runs only to find outdated information or read through hundreds of Facebook posts to find out if the local running club still plans to meet for the next run? Why pay “Finder’s Fees” to training websites like TrainingPeaks just so that you can get connected to good coaches?

We believe that running deserves a more efficient means to finding local runners and coaches. So we did something about it and started Runopia.

Runopia is a simple app that makes connecting with the running community easier, safer and more fun. We invite you, the runner at heart, to join us on this very exciting journey.

Our Value


Connect with the running community in your city or around the world. Inspire and motivate each other to live healthy and productive lifestyles by finding runs near you or creating runs and inviting others to join. Runopia gives you control over who can join your runs by simply setting up the runs as "private runs" or "by approval only". You can also give kudos, in the form of “hearts”, to those that deserve the recognition and motivate each other to achieve more.

With Runopia, you have access to professional runners and certified coaches to help you train for your next big race or to just get back in shape. You can also Join runs organized by professional runners and receive guidance that can help push you that extra mile. With Runopia you can train while supporting your hometown running heroes by joining their runs and receiving running guidance for a small fee that helps them pursue their big dreams.

Running for a worthy cause and want to inspire others to do the same? Turn your runs into fundraising runs (ask us how). Form your own Runopia team, recruit fellow Runopians, and engage and inspire others to make a bigger impact on your cause. You can also manage your running club by Skipping the complexity of managing a website and inviting your members to join your newly formed Runopia team. With Runopia you'll never have to train for another race alone, Runopia can also connect you with others around you that are training for the same race!

Your Runopia


Core to Runopia’s mission is the running community we built the platform for. Let’s work together to continue enhancing Runopia to meet your needs as a running community. Help shape Runopia by sharing your ideas and suggestions. We love hearing from the community.