By Francesca Ricotta – 

Running properly is easier said than done. There are endless tricks of the trade that extremely helpful for the newbie runners out there that are struggling. The following are 5 tips that will can help new runners go from a hate to love relationship with running.

1. Take in lots of fuel. This is simple math folks. When you burn calories, you need to gain them back by eating nutritious grub. In order to perform well, you must make sure that you should be eating and drinking properly. Feed your body! (this is not an excuse to eat a whole pizza and pint of ice cream after a mile jog)

2. Hydration should be a priority throughout the day not just before and after your run. It’s even more imperative that you hydrate throughout the day to avoid dehydration while working out. You’ll increase your body’s ability to cool itself and help replace some of gallons of sweat you’ve undoubtedly got pouring off of you. Even if you’re not great about getting in the recommended amount of 8-10 glasses of water, try to increase your consumption by just a glass or two and see if you notice a difference.

3. Dress in layers to stay comfy in all types of weather. Layers allow you to be warm at the start of a run, and then you can easily shed them as you warm up. Simply tie unneeded layers around your waist and keep running once you’re warm, or plan a loop run so you can drop them.

Running with others is one of the best ways to meet your running goals

4. Run with other people! It is easy as a new runner to feel intimidated while running with other people. It is a challenge to run with others since it can motivate you to keep a faster pace, but you also have the option to slow down. Run with friends and people you are comfortable with. Run with friends of friends and acquaintances! As long as you are running with someone who is able to adapt to your pace, it will be a rewarding experience. The Runopia App is a great tool to help you organize and join group runs.

5. Running takes time. It takes months to get in shape and train for races, a heck of a lot of time to build up endurance and years to train for your really big goals. It takes consistency and dedication. There aren’t any shortcuts, but it is so worth it.

When getting back into the groove of regularly running it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as failure. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and just enjoy having fun and being healthy!