The other weekend I was not feeling like running. It was one of those weekends where staying in, grabbing a warm hot chocolate and watching a good movie was more appealing than getting out for a run on a cold winter weekend. But now, with Runopia, I’m only a notification away from being motivated to get off my butt and go run. Around midday I get a push notification on Runopia from one of my colleagues. He had just scheduled a run on the app and invited me to go run with him. As soon as I saw the notification, all my excuses disappeared and replaced by energy to go out and run. I accepted the invite and by the afternoon, I was on the road running alongside a friend and enjoying the beauty of the winter. Sometimes it only takes one simple trigger to get us out of funk…Keep Reading


It’s always very tempting to put on the headphones and listen to our favorite music while we’re running. But that teaches us to rely on music to help us go the extra mile. Running is about mental toughness and defeating that voice in the back of our heads telling us to slow down, stop, and call it a day. Besides strengthening our mental toughness, running without music allows us to enjoy what’s around us, and be more aware of our surroundings for a safer more enjoyable run. Next time you go for your run, leave the headphones behind and tell us how you felt. Runopia is a free app dedicated to connecting the running community. Our goal is to help every neighborhood have a running group. Imagine the positive impact that will have on our communities. Join us and let’s make it happen together.